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Mantis Technology Group partners with Epio Solutions to make Pulse Athletics™ available to university athletic departments and professional sports teams.

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icon_wp Moving the Curve - Technology, code, and thoughts by Stevi Deter
Stevi Deter is Mantis' Practice Director of Software Development Engineering, blogger and sometimes bartender.
icon_wp Social Media Sports Analogies - Social media & sports by Brian Vickery
Brian Vickery is a Principal at Mantis. He blogs about social media by drawing analogies to sports. He is married with two teenage daughters and lives in Denver.
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Mantis Technology Group has outstanding delivery capacity and experience in the aerospace industry. Our experience includes a broad range of problem domains and technology platforms including:

  • Enterprise system architecture of multiple backend systems associated with a global service on demand application associated with aircraft maintenance and service
  • Mantis' team participated in overall system architecture and integration of back-end systems to create seamless on-demand system that scales to meet the needs of customers

Boeing's Goldcare program is a flexible, turnkey services focused on enhancing operational performance with tailored choices in support and services.

Learn more about Boeing's Goldcare program here: pdf document

Mantis is an award winning company recently recognized both nationally and regionally as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. For more information about how Mantis can help you and your organization please contact us at 425-250-0400 or email info@mantis-tgi.com.
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Mantis works with leading technology companies to deliver unique value. Our teams offer outstanding technical skills, a passion to deliver the right solution and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Companies including Microsoft, HP, F5 and others rely on Mantis to deliver software solutions that work. Our work with Microsoft has included a wide range of projects and solutions including the Center of Release Execellence (CORE) group responsible for managing the software release process across the organization. Highlights of our project include:
  • Relying on a user-centered design philosophy, the Mantis team was immersed in Microsoft's release domain to discover and document their as-is process as well as the plethora of existing regional and workgroup specific release portals. Our objective was to design a single portal that would be usable by all release teams across the organization
  • After designing and prototyping the new portal, Mantis began the process of architecting, building, migrating content and deploying the new CORE portal. Content for the new portal was migrated from hundreds of existing sites around the company. The new site was built on (then current) Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007.
  • The new Microsoft Center of Release Excellence (CORE) Release Operations web portal was launched a week early, meeting or exceeding project scope and quality expectations in all areas

Learn more about the Microsoft CORE project here: pdf document

Mantis is an award winning company recently recognized both nationally and regionally as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. For more information about how Mantis can help you and your organization please contact us at 425-250-0400 or email info@mantis-tgi.com.
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Mantis brings decades of telecommunications domain and technology experience to the table. Our teams have designed and built some of the most sophisticated and efficient software systems for the largest and most innovative wireless companies in the world. Our roots go back to McCaw Cellular and today include long term relationships with leading carriers, on-device software providers, mobile payment providers and site build and construction engineering providers. Mantis has an outstanding track record of delivery of efficient and effective wireless software and business systems solutions highlighted as follows:

  • Extensive experience in building enterprise wide telecommunication applications for billing, mediation, e-commerce, site build, regulatory, workflow, forecasting and planning, inventory management, OSS, and network management
  • Successful design, development and delivery of strategic Business Intelligence solutions to provide operational efficiencies and improve both business and financial performance in wireless telecommunications providers, including large scale data warehouses / data marts, operational reporting, scorecards and executive dashboards
  • Experience in low-level communication protocols (MML) of various telecommunications equipment from various vendors (e.g. Mobile Switching Controllers, Base Station Controllers, Signal Control Points, Call Data Delivery Functions, Serving GPRS Support Nodes from Ericsson, Nortel, Alcatel Lucent, Compaq/HP)
  • Extensive knowledge base on ITU-T, 3GPP (including LTE) telecommunication standards as well as US regulations such as CALEA and SOX.

Mantis is an award winning company recently recognized both nationally and regionally as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. For more information about how Mantis can help you and your organization please contact us at 425-250-0400 or email info@mantis-tgi.com.
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Mantis has worked in the design and implementation of Healthcare industry solutions for more than 16 years. These solutions include both the support of patient care and helping providers, payers and medical equipment providers minimize cost. Recent projects include a range of Healthcare domain expertise and technology platforms including:

  • Design and implementation of a patient treatment authorization system incorporating Microsoft Dynamics, .NET and InRule™ to help drive providers towards "best practices medicine" based on custom development pathways and industry accepted knowledge
  • Extensive experience in building enterprise wide data warehouse solutions for healthcare billing and financial management, helping providers reduce billing errors, improve staff productivity and streamline financial management
  • Architecture and design of solutions focused on driving new business growth, operational efficiencies in clinical practices and business processes for handling, processing and paying claims
  • Design and construction of end-to-end patient information and diagnostics data warehouse to provide visibility of key business and clinical information to executives, administrators and physicians to improve quality of care, while highlighting opportunities for cost reduction and containment

Learn more about the Providence dashboard project here: pdf document

Mantis is an award winning company recently recognized both nationally and regionally as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. For more information about how Mantis can help you and your organization please contact us at 425-250-0400 or email info@mantis-tgi.com.
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While the challenge of identifying business requirements is fairly well defined, finding software to support clinical research is not. Mantis has extensive experience in combining these two disciplines to help Universities and research facilities achieve significant improvement in efficiency while meeting their technology needs. Recent project experience includes:

  • Mantis reverse engineered legacy systems by working with IT and research staff to understand both technical and business aspects of the current software systems. Research and understand not only what the software was designed to do, but how it is actually used in the field. Armed with this information Mantis created a new software platform that will meet their long term needs for years to come
  • Through partnership with several research facilities, Mantis has created a software solution that allows enough configuration to be tailored for the specific needs of each facility and yet can still be supported as a single product
  • In addition to software development, our business intelligence team created a reporting universe that provides consistency reports, clinical analytics, and billing solutions for the research teams. The universe has empowered the research teams by enabling them to create ah-hoc reports without the need for IT support

Mantis is an award winning company recently recognized both nationally and regionally as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. For more information about how Mantis can help you and your organization please contact us at 425-250-0400 or email info@mantis-tgi.com.
background clinical research

Mantis works with retailers everyday to bring unique value to their complex operations and diverse set of challenges. Working hand in hand with our partner SAP, Mantis architects, designs and builds systems that help retailers become better run businesses. Our team combines deep retail business knowledge with technical skills to improve retail operations. Recent project experience includes:

    • Operational dashboard and data mart development focused on key analytics including; store and web traffic, conversion, merchandizing and channel margin analysis. Years of experience in the retail industry enables the Mantis team to perform detailed business analysis, technical requirements specification, source data identification, dimensional modeling, ETL development, deployment and support of these systems
    • Social media and market sentiment analysis provides key analytics to marketing, customer service, product design and executive management. Through the use of social media, retailers are able to determine who their influential customers are, what they are saying and how to engage with them to influence sentiment and opinion in the market
    • Deployment of enterprise-wide data governance solution designed to achieve "one version of the truth" throughout the organization, including business and IT stakeholders. Our engagement included the successful planning, deployment and configuration of SAP Information Steward, designed to harvest existing metadata from across the enterprise, combine it with true business descriptions of data and create lineage between disparate source systems

Mantis is an award winning company recently recognized both nationally and regionally as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. For more information about how Mantis can help you and your organization please contact us at 425-250-0400 or email info@mantis-tgi.com.
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  You will see the words "Focus on delivery" throughout our website and will hear them when you speak with members of our team. They form the basis of our vision and value statement. In a world filled with vendors focused primarily on bill rates and hours, Mantis offers something different. We offer a commitment that we will focus on the successful delivery of whatever it is you ask us to do for you. Our primary focus will not be on every hour and every dollar on our invoice. Instead our focus will be on delivering what we said we would deliver. Below are a few of the things that we believe in:

Community Involvement - Mantis looks to contribute to the communities in which we live & work. We participate in programs including; The American Cancer Society's Hope Gala, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, The Salvation Army and youth sports.

Business Ethics and Integrity - at Mantis we take the issue of business ethics seriously, and we value our reputation for integrity and trust of customers, partners, employees and vendors. Since our business is built on long-term relationships with these people and organizations, we are committed to the highest standard of business practices, performance and responsibility.

Quality, Experienced and Flexible Staff - Mantis recruits and hires experienced developers, architects, analysts, testers and project managers with broad industry and technology experience. We are able to tap into this knowledge/skill/experience base to provide teams, services and solutions to meet the needs of customers from a variety of industries.

Open & Effective Communication - communication is critical to understanding needs and expectations. By understanding customer's needs and their expectations from new technology, we can deliver the best solution. Our teams rely on open communication with stakeholders to achieve the best solution for customers within any given constraints

Knowledge Sharing and Reuse of Proven Solutions - Mantis continually seeks the best solution for each customer. Where previous solutions have proven to be successful or best in class, Mantis will reuse its modules completely or employ key aspects for future customers. Part of our core philosophy is to leverage successes to enable another customer's success.

Financial Responsibility - Mantis places importance on financial responsibility, in its pricing and accounting practices to ensure long-term viability, profitability of the company and customer relationships built on trust.

Long Term Business Relationships - Mantis views each customer as a partnership and your success is a key to our success. Our business is built on long-term relationships. We strive to provide solutions that are flexible enough to allow an organization to grow, and as it grows provide additional solutions where needed.
Vision and Values

  Corporate Headquarters:
    11121 Willows Road NE,
Suite 300
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 250-0400 Main Office
(425) 250-0401 FAX
Email: Mantis Sales
Directions to headquarters
  Rocky Mountain Region:
    10940 S. Parker Road #456
Parker, CO 80134
(720) 722-0323 Phone
Email: Rocky Mountain Sales
MTGI Building

  Our partnerships are a key component to successful delivery and a rich ROI for your technology solutions. By pairing strategic products with our custom development and integration solutions, we give you exactly what you need within budget and on schedule.  

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The Benefits of In-Person Learning in an Era of Online Education
The incredible advancements in mobile and online technologies have changed the way many people approach education. However, there are still some key benefits to in-person learning and face-to-face events.

DRIVE 2013 - Data, Reporting, Information, and Visualization Exchange
Mantis CEO Doug Turner speaks at the UW DRIVE 2013 Conference regarding Data-Driven Social Media.

Mantis Achieves SAP Accreditation
for Active Quality Management

Mantis today announced it has received the certificate of a new global quality accreditation program by SAP AG.

Mantis CEO talks about BI 4.0
Hear from a BusinessObjects customer (Keith Putt of Precor) and SAP partner (Doug Turner of Mantis Technology Group) about smart ways to approach a move to BI 4.0 and migration strategies that could work for your company.

Mantis is a "game changer" for SAP and its customers
Mantis was recently highlighted in an article focused on "game changer" partners within the SAP Ecosystem.

Mantis Tackles Big Data With Hadoop
Mantis is pleased to announce that Joe Bond, Mantis' Chief Architect has completed Cloudera University's certification program for Hadoop developers.

Mantis Team Member Receives ASUG Volunteer Service Award
Mantis is pleased to announce that Jennifer Cofer, one of Mantis' Senior Business Intelligence Architects received a Volunteer Service Award from the America's SAP User Group - ASUG at their Annual Conference in October of this year.

Mantis Participating at National Retail Federation's
Big Show

Come see Mantis Technology Group at the NRF's Big Show in New York from January 9-12, 2011.

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011
Gartner, Inc. today highlighted the top 10 technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2011. The analysts presented their findings during Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, being held here through October 21.

The Future of Business Intelligence Seminar Series
Mantis & SAP present Laura Edell Gibbons, accredited TDWI Speaker. Laura will be discussing the Future of Business Intelligence, as presented at TDWI's world conference '08.

Mantis Participating at TDWI Executive Summit
Senior members of Mantis' Business Intelligence Practice are participating at TDWI's 2009 Executive Summit in February.

TDWI Launches Northwest Chapter
The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) has launched a new Northwest Chapter to support Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana to meet the needs of business intelligence and data warehousing professionals on a local level.

Inc. 5000
Inc. magazine ranks Mantis #715 on its 2008 list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Mantis is now a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner!

Social Media InfoGraphics


  Mantis Technology Group is always on the search for talented IT professionals who are aspiring for a new challenge. We are continually looking for the best and the brightest consultants in the IT industry in a variety of disciplines.

  • Java and .NET Development
  • Database Development
  • Software Test
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Intelligence

If you are interested, please send your resume and contact information to recruiting@mantis-tgi.com and one of our recruiters will be in touch. Thank you!
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